Christine Murphy, MD, FAACT, Chair

Abby Montague, MD, Vice Chair

About Pediatric Toxicology Special Interest Section

The Pediatric Toxicology Special Interest Section was one of the original interest groups established by the American Academy of Clinical Toxicology. The purpose of this Section is to foster the interest of its members in any and all childhood and adolescent toxicology related topics. The Section intends to be a source of subject matter expertise within the AACT with an interest in, responsibility for and concern about pediatric poisonings. We will strive to encourage the existence of pediatric medical toxicologists and are working to encourage more pediatricians to pursue training in medical toxicology. You do not need to be a pediatrician to be a member of this Section

Section Projects

Creation of a Pediatric Toxicology Curriculum geared towards pediatric trainees. White Paper on the current state of Pediatric Toxicology and future directions for the field. Present at least 2 pediatric-specific webinars per year to the AACT membership. Pediatric Toxicology Travel Award for trainees.

Articles on Pediatric Exposures